Our Research Members

Michael E. Farkouh
Farkouh, Michael E.
U Of T Appointments

Professor, Department of Medicine
Vice-Chair, Research, Department of Medicine
Director, Heart & Stroke Richard Lewar Centre of Excellence in Cardiovascular Research

Other Appointments

Peter Munk Chair in Multinational Clinical Trials, University Health Network

Contact Information
University Health Network
Peter Munk Cardiac Centre
585 University Avenue
Toronto, ON M5G 2N2
Phone: 416-340-3141
Fax: 416-340-3398
Diabetes Related Research Activities:

Diabetes Mellitus and Cardiovascular Disease: The main focus is the evaluation of diabetic patients with coronary artery disease, acute coronary syndromes and heart failure. We have examined the role of advanced multi-modal imaging in developing novel compounds to treat atherosclerosis in diabetic patients. I have conducted large-scale clinical trials such as the FREEDOM Trial which evaluated the optimal strategy required for the management of coronary artery disease. Our goal for the future is to develop a collaborative coordinating center to address the important clinical questions revolving around diabetes and heart disease.

Denice S. Feig
Feig, Denice S.
U Of T Appointments

Associate Professor, Departments of Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Health Policy, Management and Evaluation; Division of Endocrinology & Metabolism

Contact Information
Mount Sinai Hospital
60 Murray St.
Toronto, ON M5T 3L9
Phone: 416-586-8590
Fax: 416-361-2657
Diabetes Related Research Activities:

Main research interest is in the area of diabetes in pregnancy.
We are currently conducting a multi-centre randomized controlled trial of metformin use in women with type 2 diabetes in pregnancy (MiTy trial).
I am also involved in studies looking at the placental transfer of diabetes drugs in pregnancy, the transfer of diabetes drugs into breast milk, and administrative databases looking at women with diabetes in pregnancy in Ontario.

Zhong-Ping Feng
Feng, Zhong-Ping
U Of T Appointments

Professor, Department of Physiology; Director, Collaborative Program In Neuroscience, School of Graduate Studies

Contact Information
University of Toronto
Department of Physiology
1 King's College Circle
Toronto, ON M5S 1A8
Phone: 416-946-0671
Fax: 416-978-4373
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Diabetes Related Research Activities:

The Feng lab is interested in understanding the mechanisms underlying synapse development and synaptic transmission using various in vitro and in vivo animal models. The major lines of research in the Feng Lab include 1) identifying the roles of ion channels in neurons and pancreatic cells under physiological and pathophysiological conditions, 2) determining the regulatory mechanisms of the ion channels, and 3) understanding neuronal control of hormone secretion in control and diabetic rodent models. The technical expertise in the Feng lab includes patch-clamp recordings, dynamic ratiometric imaging, confocal imaging, molecular biology and biochemistry.

Jason Fish
Fish, Jason
U Of T Appointments

Associate Professor, Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology

Other Appointments

Senior Scientist, Toronto General Hospital Research Institute

Contact Information
MaRS Discovery Tower East
101 College Street
Toronto, ON M5G 1L7
Phone: 416-581-7496
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Diabetes Related Research Activities:

Our lab studies the role of microRNAs in controlling vascular inflammation. We have a particular interest in determining the role of circulating microRNAs in disease pathogenesis, and exploring their use as biomarkers. We are studying mouse models of diabetic cardiomyopathy to define disease mechanisms that involve microRNAs and we are identifying circulating microRNA biomarkers in human patient cohorts with diabetes, diabetic cardiomyopathy and/or end-stage renal disease.

John S. Floras
Floras, John S.
U Of T Appointments

Professor, Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine

Other Appointments

Research Director, University Health Network and Mount Sinai Hospital Division of Cardiology
Immediate Past-Chair, Board of Directors, Banting Research Foundation
Deputy Physician-in-Chief, Research, Mount Sinai Hospital
Canada Research Chair in Integrative Cardiovascular Biology (2004- 2018)

Contact Information
Mount Sinai Hospital
600 University Avenue
Toronto, ON M5G 1X5
Phone: 416-586-8704
Fax: 416-586-8702
Diabetes Related Research Activities:

The general theme of the Floras Clinical Cardiovascular Physiology Laboratory has been the elucidation of mechanisms responsible for initiation and progression of cardiovascular and related diseases in humans, through interdisciplinary patient oriented research.

Neural and intrinsic cardiovascular regulation is studied using: microneurographic recordings of sympathetic nerve discharge directed at resistance vessels, tracer kinetic methods to estimate total body norepinephrine spillover, spectral analysis of heart rate variability and baroreflex sensitivity for heart rate, plethysmographic methods for assessing blood flow, and ultrasonic methods for quantifying endothelium dependent and independent vasodilatation.

These methods have been applied to research questions concerning normal health and aging, and to conditions such as heart failure, sleep apnea, hypertension, renal failure, pulmonary hypertension, diabetes (in collaboration with Drs. Zinman, Millar and Meneilly), menopause and cirrhosis.

Michael Fralick
Fralick, Michael
U Of T Appointments

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine

Other Appointments

Clinician Scientist, Mount Sinai Hospital
Associate Scientist, Li Ka Shing Centre for Healthcare Analytics Research & Training, Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute
Affiliated Faculty, Program On Regulation Therapeutics And Law, Division of Pharmacoepidemiology, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Contact Information
Mount Sinai Hospital
600 University Ave.
Toronto, Ontario M5G 1X5
Phone: 416-586-4800
Diabetes Related Research Activities:

Michael Fralick’s main research interest is in understanding the safety and effectiveness of sodium glucose co-transporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitors by applying pharmacoepidemiology methods and machine learning. He primarily uses data collected from routine care (e.g., ICES, insurance claims data) and his main areas of methodologic expertise are in propensity score matching and supervised machine learning (e.g., gradient boosted trees). 

Paul E. Fraser
Fraser, Paul E.
U Of T Appointments

Professor, Department of Medical Biophysics
Senior Scientist, Tanz Centre for Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases

Contact Information
Toronto Western Hospital
Krembil Discovery Tower
60 Leonard Street
Toronto, ON M5T 2S8
Phone: 416-507-6848
Fax: 416-507-6435
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Diabetes Related Research Activities:

Increasing evidence now points to the deposition and cytotoxicity of islet amyloid polypeptide aggregates as major contributors to loss of beta cell mass and ultimately the progression to type 2 diabetes. Amyloid aggregation may also contribute to graft failure following islet transplantation in type 1 diabetes patients. Therefore, our research involves devising new ways to inhibit islet amyloid aggregation and protect beta cells, thereby slowing or preventing onset of type 2 diabetes and improving islet graft survival.

Lei Fu
Fu, Lei
U Of T Appointments

Assistant Professor, Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology

Other Appointments

Clinical Biochemist, Department of Clinical Pathology, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Contact Information
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
2075 Bayview Ave.
Toronto, ON M4N 3M5
Phone: 416-480-6100 x89571
Fax: 416-480-6035
Diabetes Related Research Activities:

To study the molecular relationship between vitamin D endocrine system and diabetes.