Discovery Research

BBDC Researchers investigate a wide variety of diabetes topics, ranging from basic to clinical research.  BBDC Discovery Research fills critical gaps in understanding the mechanisms of diabetes and discovering novel therapies to treat diabetes, with the ultimate aim being prevention and cure of diabetes. In bringing together world class researchers from multiple disciplines, the BBDC focuses on taking on highly innovative, high risk research questions. The BBDC supports diabetes research across the University of Toronto research hospitals and research institutes by:

  • Funding pilot and feasibility/innovation projects
  • Funding graduate studentships, summer studentships, postdoctoral research fellowships, new investigator awards and trainee travel awards
  • Funding team grants (when funds are available)
  • Maintaining Core Laboratory services that provide high quality, well standardized and affordable assays and services
  • Hosting seminars (clinical and basic), lecture series, invited speakers, an annual scientific day and other meetings
  • An islet core lab provides isolated human islets to BBDC investigators

Areas of research strength at the BBDC include but are not limited to the following: