Who We Are, Mission and Vision

Side view of U of TWho We Are

The BBDC was established in 1978 as an extra-departmental unit of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto with the primary objective of advancing diabetes research, education, and patient care.

We offer several grants, studentships, fellowships, and other support for qualified individuals involved in diabetes research at the University of Toronto and its affiliated hospitals and research institutes across the city including SickKids, Mount Sinai Hospital, University Health Network, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, St. Michael’s Hospital, Women’s College Hospital, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and many other community affiliated sites.

We host scientific conferences to facilitate the exchange of scientific information and ideas, and to assist in the development of collaborative diabetes research activities both locally and internationally.  We foster and develop continuing health education and quality improvement initiatives for all members of the diabetes health care team with the aim of providing a tangible impact at the patient level.

Our members are a network of over 200 faculty and health care providers involved in diabetes research, education and care from various departments at the University of Toronto and its affiliated hospitals and research institutes.


We bring together researchers and health professionals across multiple University of Toronto affiliated disciplines to:

  • Lead discoveries in patient-oriented research, large-scale clinical trials and basic science across affiliated hospitals and research institutes
  • Develop novel treatment paths to cure diabetes or prevent its complications
  • Identify innovative ways to manage diabetes and improve the lives of those living with the condition


As a centre of excellence for innovation in diabetes research, education, and clinical care, we will tangibly impact diabetes prevention and outcomes in Canada and globally.