Funding Decisions

Funding Program

(in alphabetical order)

Funding Decisions

6th BBDC-Joslin-UCPH Conference Abstract CompetitionDecisions posted
Annual Trainee Awards 2018/2019Decisions posted
Archie Sopman Diabetes Research and Education Awards 2019Decisions posted
BBDC/HSRLCE Pilot and Feasibility Grant in Cardiovascular and Diabetes Research 2018Decision posted
Charles Hollenberg Summer Studentship Program 2019Decisions posted
Diabetes Educator of the Year Award 2018Decision posted
Graduate Studentships 2019/2020
– BBDC- Novo Nordisk Studentships
– BBDC-University Health Network Graduate Awards
– Tamarack Graduate Award in Diabetes Research
– Yow Kam-Yuen Graduate Scholarship in Diabetes Research
Decisions posted
Pilot and Feasibility Grants 2019/2020Decisions posted
Postdoctoral Fellowships 2019/2020
– BBDC Postdoctoral Fellowships
– BBDC Fellowship in Diabetes Care (funded by Eli Lilly & Boehringer Ingelheim)
– D.H. Gales Family Charitable Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship
– Heffel Postdoctoral Fellowship
– Sellers Postdoctoral Fellowship
Decisions posted
Reuben and Helene Dennis Scholar in Diabetes Research 2020-2022Decision pending
Sun Life Financial New Investigator Award for Diabetes Research 2020-2022Decision pending
Trainee Travel Awards 2019/2020 (Period 1)Decisions pending
Trainee Travel Awards 2018/2019 (Period 2)Decisions posted

Conditions of Funding:

  1. An essential condition of all BBDC programs is the acknowledgement of BBDC support, where appropriate, in all publications, presentations and communications¬†relevant to the BBDC-supported research program. Failure to appropriately acknowledge the BBDC’s support¬†will be considered grounds for suspending future eligibility for BBDC funding programs.
  2. Funding recipients must provide a progress report at the end of the funding period if requested or if outlined in the terms and conditions of the funding program. Failure to provide the report will be considered grounds for suspending future eligibility for BBDC funding programs.