Quality Education and Safety (QUEST)

Program Leader: Dr. Phillip Segal

The Quality Education and Safety (QUEST) program fosters and develops continuing health education and quality improvement (QI) initiatives for all members of the diabetes teams – physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists and other health care professionals with the aim of improving the lives of people living with diabetes. It is spearheaded by a committee of leading diabetes experts in quality, safety and continuing education, and oversees a number of interrelated diabetes education and QI events and initiatives across the greater Toronto area and beyond. The committee also liaises with various levels of government and Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) leaders to provide expertise on diabetes care in the community.

Continuing education and quality improvement are processes of lifelong learning and systematic improvement for health professionals to expand and fulfill their potential, retain their capacity to practice safely and effectively, and to provide meaningful and effective change in healthcare outcomes for people living with diabetes and the larger health care system.

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Visit diabetesquest.ca. Your online resource for diabetes education and quality improvement.

Program Activities

  • A QUEST educational website diabetesquest.ca was launched with the purpose of providing the diabetes healthcare provider with the best clinical resources and tools to facilitate and improve clinical care.
  • A QUEST Environmental Scan and Scoping Review was undertaken to determine what interventions, innovations, models, and quality improvement strategies were utilized in Ontario at the provider level to address gaps in care for individuals with diabetes. Members of the QUEST committee are now in the process of a detailed assessment of all sources included in the document to identify initiatives that can be applied locally, as well as what gaps still exist and what opportunities there are to address them.
  • The QUEST program continues to support the University of Toronto, Division of Endocrinology’s Diabetes Scorecard Project, an innovative multi-site initiative designed to successfully implement a standardized audit and feedback program using a patient-derived “diabetes scorecard” with the aim of driving future improvement in diabetes care.
  • QUEST committee members are working on a three part article focusing on how to design, implement and sustain a quality improvement project in diabetes. The goal of the Quality Improvement Primer in Diabetes is to publish articles in the Canadian Journal of Diabetes and post them on the QUEST website. The articles are intended to educate healthcare providers who want to lead change in their practice but have little experience in the area of quality improvement.