BBDC Member Profile

Charles de Mestral photoCharles de Mestral, MD, PhD

Dr. Charles de Mestral graduated from the McGill University Faculty of Medicine and then completed General Surgery followed by Vascular Surgery training at the University of Toronto. During general surgery residency, he obtained a PhD in health services research and economic evaluation. In July 2017, he was appointed to the Department of Surgery at the University of Toronto.

As a vascular surgeon-scientist working at St. Michael’s Hospital, an inner-city tertiary vascular center, his clinical practice includes a large proportion of patients with limb-threatening complications of diabetes and peripheral artery disease. It has become increasingly clear to him that many Canadians too often fail to receive the coordinated, multidisciplinary and sustained foot care needed to prevent amputation. There are few studies on the disease burden, effectiveness of care and costs related to foot complications and amputation prevention in Canada. Dr de Mestral’s primary academic interest is addressing these evidence gaps. In 2019, he was awarded an Ontario Early Researcher Award to study amputation prevention efforts in Ontario.

His academic appointments include: (i) Surgeon-Scientist in the Department of Surgery of the University of Toronto, (ii) Adjunct Scientist at ICES, (iii) Assistant Professor with the Institute for Health Policy Management and Evaluation and, (iv) Scientist in the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute of St. Michael’s Hospital. Dr. de Mestral’s work is strengthened by clinical and research collaborators at these institutions as well as with Diabetes Action Canada and the Canadian Society for Vascular Surgery.

Published January 6, 2020