BBDC’s Knowledge Translation & Optimizing Care Models Program Study Examines Enablers and Barriers to Diabetes Care in Community Pharmacy

August 17, 2020

Dr. Lori MacCallum is leading a research project to understand what is enabling and preventing pharmacists to practice at their full scope in order to optimize outcomes for people with diabetes.

Previous research demonstrated that despite high initial uptake of medication assessments, follow-up assessments were low. To further examine the reasons for this, a study was conducted to determine the greatest enablers and barriers to community pharmacists conducting follow-up for people with diabetes. It was found that pharmacists believe they have the knowledge and skills and that this is part of their role and responsibility. Conversely, they believe it is the lack of reinforcement and the pharmacy work environment that are the greatest barriers.

In the next phase of the study, Dr. MacCallum is working with community pharmacists across Ontario to improve follow-up using quality improvement methods.

For study details, please view the full manuscript, now published in Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy.