Novo Nordisk Donates $2M to the Banting & Best Diabetes Centre

February 24, 2021

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin, Novo Nordisk has made a $2M donation to the University of Toronto’s Banting & Best Diabetes Centre (BBDC). To honour and recognize the legacy of this research milestone, funds will support fundamental and discovery science and will include research grants, new investigator awards, and postdoctoral fellowships.

“As we celebrate this landmark discovery, which took place right here at the University of Toronto, we are thrilled that Novo Nordisk has made this commitment to support ongoing diabetes research through our centre,” says Dr. Gary Lewis, Director of the BBDC. “For decades, Novo Nordisk has been supportive of the University and our pursuit of improved treatment and care for those living with diabetes. This donation will allow research teams in Toronto to pursue important projects and, we hope, support work that may lead to the next big breakthrough.”

Funding from Novo Nordisk will support and expand existing BBDC programs, starting with the 2021/2022 Pilot and Feasibility Grants.