DH Gales Family Charitable Foundation Provides $1M in Support of Diabetes Training and Innovation

June 13, 2018

We are pleased to announce a $1 million investment from the DH Gales Family Charitable Foundation of Toronto in support of the Banting & Best Diabetes Centre via the Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation.

This investment, paid over ten years, will support diabetes training and innovation within the Banting & Best Diabetes Centre, along with other initiatives at University Health Network. This will include the establishment of the DH Gales Family Foundation Pilot and Feasibility Grant and/or Postdoctoral Fellowships commencing in 2019. Training the next generation of diabetes scientists and stimulating innovative discovery research by Banting & Best Diabetes Centre scientists are the highest priorities of the Centre. This award addresses both of these priorities.

About the Donor

The DH Gales Family Charitable Foundation of Toronto is a private foundation whose mission is to provide financial assistance to qualified donees engaged in worthwhile activities.