A Message from the Outgoing Director

June 21, 2022

photo of Gary Lewis

As my term as BBDC Director draws to a close, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all BBDC members for making my directorship such a meaningful experience, as well as for your contributions to the BBDC. I hope that I can speak for those living with or affected by diabetes when I add their thanks to mine for the very important work you are doing.

There are some individuals I would like to thank personally and publicly for their special contributions to the BBDC over the past decade.  First let me thank Drs. Tony Lam and Phil Segal for their respective leadership of the Training and Research Excellence and the QUEST committees. These two committees are the workhorses of the BBDC; reviewing funding applications, inviting seminar speakers, adjudicating trainee prizes; and organizing our Annual Scientific Day and other educational programs. These two individuals have been indispensable for the smooth running of the BBDC. I would also like to thank their committee members over the past 11 years, while they are too numerous to name individually, they should be proud of their contribution.

Thank you to the members of the BBDC Executive Committee – Drs. Minna Woo, Khosrow Adeli, Tony Lam, Bruce Perkins, Lorraine Lipscombe, Andrew Advani, Justin Nodwell (and previously Richard Gilbert, George Fantus, Richard Hegele and Julia Lowe). Members of the BBDC executive have ensured that management of the BBDC is always democratic, inclusive and transparent and that all decisions are made in the best interest of its members.

A very special thanks to the BBDC staff, our marvelous business manager, Rose LaBarbera and our administrative assistant Sanam Tajadod. It has been so much fun working with Rose and Sanam, who are incredibly reliable and dependable, and who I hope will continue to support the BBDC for many more years.

I am so pleased that there are several highly accomplished, mid-career, BBDC members who are primed and more than capable of leading the organization over the next decade, which promises to be an even more exciting time for diabetes research, care and education. I’ve always strongly believed that the 10-year limit for all leadership roles at U of T is important and necessary to allow new energy and ideas to suffuse an academic unit. I am very grateful for the opportunity I’ve had and now look forward to participating in BBDC activities as a member. Congratulations to our new leadership as they move the BBDC and its membership to even greater achievements.


Gary Lewis, MD
BBDC Director 2011-2022