Minna Woo
Woo, Minna MD, FRCPC, PhD
U Of T Appointments

Professor, Departments of Medicine, Institute of Medical Science, Immunology, and Pharmacology and Toxicology
Director, Banting & Best Diabetes Centre

Other Appointments

Senior Scientist, Toronto General Hospital Research Institute, University Health Network

Contact Information
Princess Margaret Cancer Research Tower
101 College Street
Toronto, ON M5G 1L7
Phone: 416-340-5214
Diabetes Related Research:

The major research focus in the Woo laboratory is to elucidate molecular mechanisms that determine pathogenesis of insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and related diseases including atherosclerosis and NAFLD.  We are interested in many of the fundamental genes involved in cell survival and differentiation such as caspases, tumour suppressors and oncogenes. Many of these fundamental genes have unique physiological roles in metabolic tissues such as liver, muscle, adipose tissue, and the pancreatic islets. Using genetic or pharmacologic approaches, we examine the whole body physiology as well as take biological, biochemical and molecular approaches to define molecular physiological roles in specific tissues, in addition to defining its potential pathogenic roles in diabetes and related diseases.