BBDC/HSRLCE Pilot and Feasibility Grant in Cardiovascular and Diabetes Research 2018

The Heart & Stroke/Richard Lewar Centre of Excellence in Cardiovascular Research (HSRLCE) and the Banting & Best Diabetes Centre (BBDC) in conjunction with the Vice-Dean, Research and Innovation, Faculty of Medicine, are pleased to announce the 2018 Pilot and Feasibility Grant in Cardiovascular and Diabetes Research competition. This competition is now open to both basic science and clinical research applications. All applicants and co-applicants must be members of either the BBDC or the HSRLCE. Further, principal applicants must have at least one co-applicant who is a member of a different Centre (e.g. if the PI is a member of HSRLCE, at least one co-applicant must be a member of the BBDC).

The purpose of the Pilot and Feasibility Grant is:

  • To establish the University of Toronto as an international leader in the study of diabetes and heart disease
  • To foster the training of graduate students across disciplines and research institutes
  • To encourage collaboration between members of the BBDC and the HSRLCE

The total non-renewable grant amount is $100,000 (to be spent over a maximum of 2 years). Guidelines are as follows:

  • This award is given to enable eligible investigators to explore new initiatives in the area of diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • This funding is not to be used as bridging or emergency funding, nor is it intended as funding for ongoing studies
  • The application must include an explanation as to how this project constitutes a completely new initiative in diabetes and cardiovascular research for the applicant(s) and is not just an extension of, or related to ongoing research efforts
  • Studies may be of a basic science or clinical nature
  • This funding opportunity is specifically for projects focusing on the interaction between diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • It is expected that funded projects will lead to a peer-reviewed grant application from an external funding agency.

Applications must be received by 4 pm on May 31, 2018.

For complete award details and application instructions, please see the Heart & Stroke/Richard Lewar Centre of Excellence website.

Questions regarding this program may be directed to:
Liz Thuo, Business Manager
Heart & Stroke/Richard Lewar Centre of Excellence