Trainee Travel Awards 2019/2020 – Period 1

For Travel Occurring Between July 1 and December 31, 2019

The following individuals have been offered up to $1,000 to present a first author abstract at a diabetes related conference

NameSupervisor(s)Abstract Title
Fazli, Ghazal

Dr. Gillian Booth

Trends in the incidence of prediabetes among younger and older immigrants in Canada, 2011-2015

Febbraro, Daniella

Dr. Minna WooInvestigating molecular mechanisms of autophagy in skeletal muscle
Izadifar, MohammadDr. Andras NagyAn Engineered Fail-safe Approach For Pancreatic Cell- Replacement Therapy
Mooney, Shane

Dr. Lorraine LipscombeGlycemic Outcomes in Transition-age Adults with Type 1 Diabetes using Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion Pumps
Severino, Luisa Ulloa

Dr. Darren YuenDiabetic glomeruli stiffen as they scar

Stahel, Priska

Dr. Gary LewisGlucose and GLP-2 mobilize enteral fat by pre- and post-Golgi mechanisms, respectively
Tokarz, Victoria

Dr. Amira Klip

Insulin Рstimulated GLUT4 translocation is reduced by palmitate independently of defective Akt, but linked to defective Rac1- induced actin remodeling

Van, Julie Anh Dung

Dr. James Scholey
Dr. Ana Konvalinka
Urinary proteomics identifies signature of early type 1 diabetes linked to keratan sulfate degradation and lysosomal enzymes
Vlahos, Alexander

Dr. Michael SeftonTuneable pseudo-islet implants for diabetes therapy
Wheeler, SarahDr. Patricia BrubakerElucidating the interactions between the microbiome, intestinal immunity and circadian secretion of glucagon-like peptide-1