Postdoctoral Fellowships 2022/2023

BBDC Postdoctoral Fellowships
BBDC Fellowship In Diabetes Care (Funded By Eli Lilly)
D.H. Gales Family Charitable Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship
Sellers Postdoctoral Fellowship

Application Deadline Date: February 22, 2022

The following have been offered funding:

Award RecipientSupervisor(s)Title of ResearchAward
Hammoud, RolaDr. Daniel DruckerElucidating the role of the central nervous system as a metabolic target for agonists and antagonists of the glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide receptor (GIPR)Sellers Postdoctoral Fellowship
Syed Abdul, Majid MufaqamDr. Gary LewisIntravital imaging of intestinal lipid mobilizationBBDC Fellowship
Yau, KevinDr. David Cherney and Dr. Ron WaldGLP-1 Receptor Agonists in Chronic Kidney Disease and Maintenance Dialysis PatientsBBDC Fellowship
Usmani, Shirine ElizabethDr. Minna WooDetermining the role of Bc16 in diabetes and skeletal muscle functionBBDC Fellowship
Van, Julie Anh DungDr. Michael WheelerMining the circulatory proteome for early signals for the progression to type 2 diabetes in women with a history of gestational diabetesBBDC Fellowship
Lyons, Sulayman AslanDr. Jacqueline BeaudryEffects of acute and prolonged high levels of glucocorticoid exposure on white and brown fat lipid metabolismDH Gales Family Charitable Foundation Fellowship
Meerasa, Ameena
Dr. Satya DashGenetic Determinants of Type 2 Diabetes RemissionDH Gales Family Charitable Foundation Fellowship
Singh, RaghunathDr. Margaret HahnRole of the gut microbiome in metabolic alterations associated with antipsychoticsDH Gales Family Charitable Foundation Fellowship
Mukherjee, Tapas
Dr. Dana PhilpottUnraveling the pathophysiological link between type-2 diabetes and Crohn’s diseasesDH Gales Family Charitable Foundation Fellowship
González Rellán, María JesúsDr. Daniel DruckerElucidation of the role(s) of the vascular smooth muscle GLP-1 receptorFellowship in Diabetes Care (funded by Eli Lilly)
Prayitno, KhairunnadiyaDr. Mamatha BhatHow does diabetes epigenetically modulate progression of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis?BBDC Fellowship