Graduate Studentships 2019/2020

Banting & Best Diabetes Centre-Novo Nordisk Studentships
BBDC-University Health Network Graduate Awards
Tamarack Graduate Award in Diabetes Research
Yow Kam-Yuen Graduate Scholarship in Diabetes Research

Competition Deadline Date: April 2, 2019

In order to maximize available funding, studentships will be awarded in two stages beginning with the first round of notifications on June 13, 2019.  The second round of notifications will occur in early July.  If extra funding becomes available after the second round, additional awards may be announced in late July.

This page last updated: July 5, 2019


Banting & Best Diabetes Centre-Novo Nordisk Studentships

RecipientSupervisorTitle of Research
Badakhshi, Yasaman

Dr. Tianru Jin

Metabolic function of the hepatic GLP-1-Wnt-FGF21 axis

Costa-Dookhan, Kenya

Dr. Margaret Hahn

Investigating the gut microbiome and metabolic dysfunction in first episode psychosis patients

Han, Daniel Jong Jin

Dr. Cynthia Luk

Novel mechanisms of YAP/TAZ in regulating insulin resistance and adipose tissue fibrosis

Khan, Saad

Dr. Daniel Winer

Immune Mechanisms of Hepatic Glucose Dysregulation in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Kong, Tiffany

Dr. Jayne Danska

The effects of human gut microbial products on mucosal immunity in Type 1 Diabetes

Li, Andy Yu Zhe

Dr. Minna Woo

Investigating the metabolic role of PTEN in parasympathetic PHOX2B neurons

McIlwraith, Emma

Dr. Denise Belsham

Analysis of palmitate- and bisphenol A-mediated changes in microRNAs targeting energy homeostasis in hypothalamic neurons

Nguyen, Michelle My Linh

Dr. Walter Swardfager

Relationship between serum osteocalcin, glycemic control, mood and cognition in people with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Raka, Fitore

Dr. Khosrow Adeli

Regulation of postprandial chylomicron production and secretion by peripheral Serotonin

Tokarz, Victoria

Dr. Amira Klip

Novel mechanisms of dysregulated actin dynamics during insulin-resistant GLUT4 translocation

Tran, Andy

Dr. Dense Belsham

The role of Nampt Fasl, Mif, and Tnfsf13b in inducing insulin resistance and feeding neuropeptide dysregulation in hypothalamic neurons

Wheeler, Sarah Emily

Dr. Patricia Brubaker

Elucidating the interaction between the microbiome, circadian secretion GLP-1, and intestinal homeostasis 

Wong, Sophie

Dr. Walter Swardfager

Effects of Exercise Intervention on Oxylipin Profile, Mood, and Cognition of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients

Wu, Anne

Dr. Michael Wheeler

Effect of Beta Cell Specific ZnT8 Deficiency on Diabetes


BBDC-University Health Network Graduate Awards

RecipientSupervisorTitle of Research

Febbraro, Daniella

Dr. Minna Woo

Investigating the metabolic role of autophagy in skeletal muscle

Li, Jing Wen (Rosa)

Dr. Tony Lam

Glucoregulatory Impact of Glucose Sensing in the Dorsal Vagal Complex

Poon, Frankie Hoi Chun

Dr. Cristina Nostro

Functional characterization of pluripotent stem cell derived β-like cells

Regeenes, Romario

Dr. Jonathan Rocheleau

Investigating the biphasic nature of glucose-stimulated insulin secretion through the design and application of islet-on-a-chip devices


Tamarack Graduate Award in Diabetes  Research

RecipientSupervisorTitle of Research

Glenn, Andrea

Dr. John Sievenpiper

Adherence to the Portfolio dietary pattern and prevention of cardiometabolic diseases: Insights from the Women’s Health Initiative and PREDIMED-Plus cohorts

Moon, Emily

Dr. Robert Screaton

Identifying novel regulators of human embryonic stem cell-derived beta cell maturation using RNAi screening

Yung, Justin Hou Ming

Dr. Adria Giacca

Lipotoxicity and Beta Cell Insulin Resistance: Role of c-Jun N-terminal kinase


Yow Kam-Yuen Graduate Scholarship in Diabetes Research

RecipientSupervisorTitle of Research

Shoaib, Falak

Dr. Adria Giacca

Role of NOD1 activation by saturated free fatty acids in inducing insulin resistance in vivo