Charles Hollenberg Summer Studentship Program – 2021

Application Deadline Date: January 21, 2021

The following have been offered funding:

NameSupervisor(s)Research Title
Chowdhury, SadiaDr. Jacqueline BeaudryThe role of Acute Corticosterone administration in lipid metabolism in brown adipose tissue
Chun, Felice Iris Si ChingDr. Minna WooThe Role of Skeletal Muscle JAK2 in Diabetes and Muscle Function
Gao, AnnaDr. Tony LamSmall intestinal nutrient sensing and metformin action in energy balance regulation
He, Wenyuan (Kevin)Dr. Denise BelshamHypothalamic insulin resistance in the context of a high fat diet: the role of TNFα and IL-6 and the molecular mechanism behind the protective effects of oleate
Jayasinghe Arambewela, MadhurangiDr. Ana KonvalinkaSex differences in the metabolism of glucose and glutamine: the key to prevent diabetic kidney disease?
Jeong, HyerinDr. Patricia BrubakerAnti-diabetic actions of GLP-1/GLP-2 combination therapy
Lee, AnnaDr. Darren YuenThe role of prolyl hydroxylase inhibition in attenuating organ fibrosis
Manzoor, SabaDr. Michael FralickInfluenza Vaccination Rates Among People Hospitalized with Diabetes Mellitus
Negatu, EdnahDr. Laura C. RosellaA population-based risk algorithm for the development of type 2 diabetes: External validation of the Diabetes Population Risk Tool (DPoRT) in the United States
Patel, PreyaDr. Mamatha BhatDoes Metabolic Endotoxemia Contribute to Development of Post-Transplant Diabetes?
Sedrak, PhelopaterDr. Andrew AdvaniUsing single cell GPCRomics to identify new treatment targets for diabetic kidney disease
Song, CimonDr. Bruce PerkinsOptimal Ketone Level Diagnostic Thresholds for Predicting Ketoacidosis Events in Patients Using and Not Using SGLTi Therapy: A Retrospective Longitudinal Diagnostic Study
Tran, JasonDr. Johane Allard
Dr. Katherine Schwenger
Effects of fecal microbiota transplant in adults with obesity and insulin resistance: assessing the role of bacterial endotoxins and intestinal microbiome
Zhang, Kendra (Yejia)Dr. Catherine YuImpact of the pandemic, social distancing and its socioeconomic ramifications on the experiences of people with diabetes