Charles Hollenberg Summer Studentship Program – 2019

Competition Deadline Date: January 17, 2019


Recipient Supervisor(s) Title of Research

Chan, Michael

Dr. Ana Konvalinka

The Impact of Cell Sex and Sex Hormones on Kidney Glucose Metabolism. Implications for Diabetic Kidney Disease.

Guo,Teddy-Ziheng Dr. Tianru Jin and Dr. Weijuan Shao

Metabolic function of the Wnt signaling pathway
-beta-catenine/TCF mediates hepatic metabolic function of the female hormone Estrogen

He, Alexander Dr. Cynthia Luk Identifying the role of adipocyte Yes-associated protein 1 in glucose homeostasis
Lau, Yan Ming ( Anson) Dr. Derek Van Der Kooy Enriching for Lineage Restricted Pancreatic Multipotent Progenitors during early Pancreatic Development for use in Beta cell Transplantation Therapy
Li, Ming Dr. Jill Hamilton and Dr. Lisa Chu Examining resiliency and metabolic risk among children with obesity
Li, Yu Zhe

Dr. Minna Woo Investigating the metabolic role of PTEN in parasympathetic PHOX2B neurons
Lieu, Calvin Dr. Denise Belsham TNFα induces hypothalamic inflammation and insulin resistance in AgRP/NPY expressing neurons: Reversal with anti-inflammatory agents.
Melanson, Jenna-Rose Dr. Carolyn L. Cummins Assessing the safety profile of a selective PPAR modulator for the treatment of type 2 diabetes
Pickel,Lauren Dr. Hoon Ki Sung Intermittent Fasting Improves Age-Associated Metabolic Abnormalities by Rejuvenation of White Adipose Tissue
Selvabaskaran, Abeeshan

Dr. Maria Cristina Nostro and Dr. Adriana Migliorini Morphological and 3 dimensional analysis of hESC derived islets-like clusters

Dr. Michael Wheeler Effects of EPA and DHA on insulin secretion and pancreatic beta cell function
Sweeney, Maegan

Dr. Patricia Brubaker Role of the intestinal microbiome in the regulation of glucagon-like peptide-1 secretion
Tran, Veronica

Dr. Margaret Hahn and Dr. Satya Dash Effect of antipsychotics on central insulin action in relation to glucose metabolism and cognition in healthy volunteers
Wu, XingLin

Dr. Richard E. Gilbert Attenuating the hypoxia of diabetic kidney disease with dapaglifozin