Charles Hollenberg Summer Studentship Program – 2018

Competition Deadline Date: January 23, 2018

Applicant Supervisor and
Title of Research
Bruno, Brigida Dr. Catherine Yu Secondary analysis of an Inter-professional Shared Decision-making Study: Using the Decision Support Analysis Toll to assess shared-decision making in patients with diabetes
Dholakia, Amar Dr. Maria Rozakis Epigenetic Control of Diabetes Networks
Howell, Brooke Dr. Jill Hamilton Investigating the relationship between weight loss before and weight loss after bariatric surgery in adolescents with severe obesity
Lee, So Jeong Dr. Satya Dash Investigating the acute effect of intranasal glucagon on food intake and energy expenditure in humans
Li, Jing Wen Dr. Tony Lam Leptin action in the brain
Liu, Kathy Dr. Dana Philpott Changes in the intestinal microbiome post-bariatric surgery contribute to the improved insulin sensitivity of target organs
Macklin, Sarah Dr. Richard Gilbert Effect of CXCR3 agonist in acute experimental kidney fibrosis
McLellan, Samantha Dr. Jill Hamilton Is nutrition risk associated with insulin resistance in early childhood?
Merrick, Benjamin Dr. Cristina Nostro Overexpression of GATA6 to induce hESC-beta like cell maturation
Mitova, Emilia Dr. Patricia Brubaker Role of secretagogin in circadian secretion of the incretin hormone, glucagon-like peptide-1
Omidi, Arghavan Dr. Khosrow Adeli Mechanisms of Postprandial Dyslipidemia and Intestinal Dysfunction in Insulin Resistant States
Pang, Janice Dr. Amira Klip Glucose uptake and release from endothelial microvascular cells exposed to diabetogenic conditions
Scarr, Daniel Dr. Bruce Perkins Alleviating Carbohydrate-Counting Burden in Type 1 Diabetes Using Artificial Pancreas and Sodium Glucose-Linked Transporter 2 Inhibition: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial
Sud, Shawn Dr. Satya Dash Assessment of the acute effects of intranasal leptin on food intake and energy expenditure in obese humans