Annual Trainee Awards 2020/21

Application Deadline Date: January 19, 2021

The BBDC will be hosting a special online conference on Friday, June 11 from 12:00 to 1:15 pm to recognize and showcase the work of the six 2020/2021 BBDC Annual Trainee Awards prize winners below.  Each prize winner will give a 10-minute presentation with a brief question and answer period.  Attendance is open to University of Toronto faculty, fellows, students, and endocrine residents. Registration is required. Please contact Sanam Tajadod at to obtain the login information for the conference. The conference is an initiative of the BBDC’s Trainee Advancement and Development Committee.


PrizeRecipientSupervisorTitle of Research
1st PrizeAnita, NatashaDr. Walter SwardfagerSerum soluble epoxide hydrolase-related oxylipins are associated with depression and increased depressive symptom severity in patients with type 2 diabetes
2nd PrizeMartchenko, SarahDr. Patricia BrubakerThe L cell clock is required for circadian GLP-1 secretion and maintenance of intestinal homeostasis
3rd PrizeLi, Rosa J. W.Dr. Tony LamNutrient sensing in the dorsal vagal complex regulates hepatic lipid and glucose metabolism in rats
Honourable MentionGlenn, AndreaDr. John SievenpiperGreater Adherence to the Portfolio Diet is Associated with Lower Incidence of Type 2 Diabetes in the Women’s Health Initiative
Honourable MentionKhan, SaadDr. Daniel WinerGut-Liver B Cells Promote the Development of Obesity-Associated Insulin Resistance and Type 2 Diabetes
Honourable MentionZhang, Song-YangDr. Tony LamFXR in the dorsal vagal complex is sufficient and necessary for upper small intestinal microbiome-mediated changes of TCDCA to alter insulin action in rats