Annual Trainee Awards 2018/2019

Competition Deadline Date: January 15, 2019

Prize Award Recipient Supervisor Title of Research
1st Prize
$400 gift card
Romario Regeenes Dr. Jonathan Rocheleau Investigating biphasic glucose-stimulated insulin secretion through the design and application of islet-on-a-chip devices
2nd Prize:
$300 gift card
Yi Tao Chan Dr. Daniel Winer The role of insulin receptor signaling in B cell Function
3rd Prize
$200 gift card
Sydney Rivers Dr. Adria Giacca Liver-Specific p38 MAPK Stimulates Hepatic Fat Accumulation and Reduces Insulin Sensitivity In Vivo
Honourable Mention
$100 gift card
Queenie Hu Dr. Robert Screaton Identifying G protein-coupled receptors that promote human pancreatic beta cell proliferation and survival
Honourable Mention
$100 gift card
Ju Hee Lee Dr. Hoon-Ki Sung and Dr. Warren Lee Intermittent Fasting Improves Age-associated Metabolic Abnormalities by Rejuvenation of White Adipose Tissue
Honourable Mention
$100 gift card
Amin Ghavami Nejad Dr. Xiao Yu (Shirley Wu) and Dr. Adria Giacca Glucose-responsive Glucagon Delivery via Microneedle Patch for Prevention of Hypoglycemia