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Yu, Catherine

University of Toronto Appointment(s): Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine and Dalla Lana School of Public Health

Other Appointment(s): Staff, Division of Endocrinology & Metabolism, St. Michael's Hospital
Adjunct Scientist, Keenan Research Centre in the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute of St. Michael's Hospital

Contact Information:
St. Michael's Hospital
61 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON   M5C 2T2


Diabetes Related Research Activities:

My research interests lie in the role of patient and clinician behaviour change in knowledge translation. I am particularly interested in the development of innovative strategies for continuing professional development and patient education in chronic disease management, specifically diabetes care.

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Yuen, Darren - MD, PhD

University of Toronto Appointment(s): Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine

Other Appointment(s): Staff Physician, Division of Nephrology, St. Michael’s Hospital
Scientist, Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute

Contact Information:
St. Michael's Hospital, Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute
209 Victoria St., Room 509, 5th Floor
Toronto, ON   M5B 1T8

Phone: (416) 864-6060 x 77366
Fax: (416) 867-3654

Diabetes Related Research Activities:

My research program is focussed on the development of novel therapies targeting the fibrosis and endothelial injury that occurs in the diabetic kidney. As a nephrology clinician scientist at St. Michael’s Hospital, my research involves the use of both cell biology and animal models of diabetic injury. Current work in the lab is devoted to understanding: (1) mechanisms of diabetic endothelial injury, including both the early glomerular angiogenesis and the later capillary rarefaction that occurs in diabetes, (2) novel mechanisms of fibroblast activation in diabetes, including the relevance of fibroblast cytoskeletal rearrangements in this process.

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Zinman, Bernard - MDCM, FRCPC, FACP

University of Toronto Appointment(s): Professor, Department of Medicine

Other Appointment(s): Director, Leadership Sinai Centre for Diabetes, Mount Sinai Hospital
Sam and Judy Pencer Family Chair in Diabetes

Contact Information:
Mount Sinai Hospital
60 Murray Street, Room L5-024, Mail Box 17
Toronto, ON   M5T 3L9

Phone: (416) 586-8747
Fax: (416) 586-4740

Diabetes Related Research Activities:

Studies evaluating metabolic and pharmacologic interventions to prevent diabetes complications.
Diabetes in aboriginal communities.
Evaluation of new therapies for Type 1 and 2 Diabetes

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