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MacCallum, Lori - BScPhm, PharmD, CDE

University of Toronto Appointment(s): Program Director, Knowledge Translation and Optimizing Care Models, Banting & Best Diabetes Centre
Assistant Professor, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy

Other Appointment(s): Sun Life Financial Professor in Wellness and Diabetes Education
Expert Committee Member, 2008, 2013 and 2018 Canadian Diabetes Association Clinical Practice Guidelines

Contact Information:
Banting & Best Diabetes Centre
200 Elizabeth St., Eaton Building, Room 12E252
Toronto, ON   M5G 2C4

Phone: (416) 340-4800 Ext. 2784
Fax: (416) 978-4108

Diabetes Related Research Activities:

Knowledge Translation Projects particularly in improving the care of patients with diabetes, innovative pharmacy interventions, using multimedia for patient education, and educating patients on risks and benefits of medications.

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Mahadevan, Radhakrishnan - Ph.D.

University of Toronto Appointment(s): Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering

Contact Information:
Wallberg Building 326
200 College Street
Toronto, ON   M5S 3E5

Phone: (416) 946-0996
Fax: (416) 978-8605

Diabetes Related Research Activities:

We aim to use a systems biology approach for understanding the mechanisms behind and diabetes and the role of potential therapeutic strategies. Our focus is on describing glucose, insulin, glucagon, TAG, levels at the whole body level using an multi-scale metabolic model.  We hope to integrate phenomena across spatial scales from cellular to tissue to organ as well as temporal scales from s-min to hours.  Using these models, we aim to understand the sensitivity of the different factors affecting this complex disease.

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Mahmud, Farid H. - MD, FRCPC

University of Toronto Appointment(s): Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine

Other Appointment(s): Division of Pediatric Endocrinology, The Hospital for Sick Children

Contact Information:
The Hospital for Sick Children
555 University Avenue
Toronto, ON   M5G 1X8

Phone: (416) 813-6218
Fax: (416) 813-6304

Diabetes Related Research Activities:

As a pediatric endocrinologist who cares for children with diabetes, obesity and other chronic medical conditions on a daily basis, I am concerned about the prospects for their future health. This has driven me to seek answers to some of the meaningful questions that are going to benefit their health and this has prompted me to pursue a clinical research program. My research interests include the study of conditions associated with type 1 diabetes, such as celiac disease and the evaluation of early atherosclerotic risk factors in young patients with endocrine conditions who are at high risk of cardiovascular disease including both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and obesity. I have conducted clinical studies to identify patients at risk and study the impact of this process on the health of these children.

These studies are also evaluating interrelated risk factors for atherosclerosis in these high risk populations and the effectiveness of lifestyle, diet and drug therapy treatment strategies.  Specifically we evaluated dietary intake in patients with type 1 diabetes as well as standardized activity assessments which showed high rates of dietary fat intake and inactivity, which worsened during adolescence. As part of my research, I adapted an innovative method to study endothelial function as a marker of early atherosclerosis which we able to evaluate as a reversible indicator of disease with the potential to assess the effectiveness of different treatment strategies on reducing early atherosclerotic changes. 

Longer term, the findings of this research will be used to develop guidelines for clinical practice, prevention and treatment strategies. It is hoped that the effective translation of this research into clinical practice will help to manage cardiovascular disease risk in children with the ultimate goal of cardiovascular disease prevention.

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Mamdani, Muhammad - PharmD, MA, MPH

University of Toronto Appointment(s): Professor, Institute of Health Policy, Management, and Evaluation of the Faculty of Medicine and the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy

Other Appointment(s): Director, Applied Health Research Centre, Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute,St. Michael's Hospital

Contact Information:
St. Michael's Hospital
30 Bond Street
Toronto, ON   M5B 1W8

Phone: (416) 864-3037
Fax: (416) 864-3014

Diabetes Related Research Activities:

The Applied Health Research Centre (AHRC) is a comprehensive, not-for-profit, academic clinical research centre that houses leading clinical research methodologists and statisticians as well as operations experts including contracts and finance experts, study management coordinators, and research informatics specialists. Further, the AHRC also houses industry-standard and highly secure data management infrastructure. The AHRC has extensive experience designing and implementing phase 2b-4 clinical trials as well as nonrandomized studies such as patient registries and retrospective database studies. The infrastructure and support services are available to all academic clinical researchers and is well suited for diabetes-related clinical research.

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McCulloch, Christopher - PhD, DDS, Certificate in Periodontics

University of Toronto Appointment(s):

  • Professor, University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry
  • Cross-appointed to Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, Faculty of Medicine

Other Appointment(s):

  • Canada Research Chair in Matrix Dynamics
  • Director, Matrix Dynamics Group, Faculty of Dentistry
  • Full Member, School of Graduate Studies
  • Director, CIHR STIHR, “Cell Signalling in Mucosal Health and Disease"
  • Consultant, Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO), Toronto, ON

Contact Information:
FitzGerald Building, Room 244
150 College Street
Toronto, ON   M5S 3E2

Phone: (416) 978-1258
Fax: (416) 978-5956

Diabetes Related Research Activities:

My laboratory is focused on the signals arising from the extracellular matrix that regulate the metabolic activities of fibroblasts. In the context of diabetes, I am interested in the notion that diabetes-induced glycation of collagen may impact the function and differentiation of fibroblasts in the cardiac interstitium. Accordingly, I cardiac fibroblasts may convert to myofibroblasts, cells that contribute to the fibrosis that is observed in diabetic cardiomyopathy.

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