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Cummins, Carolyn L. - PhD

University of Toronto Appointment(s): Assistant Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy

Contact Information:
Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy Room 1101
144 College St.
Toronto, ON   M5S 3M2
Phone: 416-946-3466
Fax: 416-978-8511

Diabetes Related Research Activities:

Several members of the nuclear hormone receptor superfamily have been implicated in protecting against diseases associated with the metabolic syndrome. For example, from data obtained using animal models, it appears the liver X receptors (LXRα and LXRβ) are protective against atherosclerosis, dyslipidemia, and diabetes. The current focus of the Cummins lab is on the study of these nuclear hormone receptors and their roles in regulating glucose metabolism. Recently, we have shown that LXR is involved in the regulation of cholesterol conversion to glucocorticoids in the adrenal gland and are investigating the influence of this finding on glucose metabolism and the onset of type 2 diabetes. We are also exploring the link between LXR and the deposition of cholesterol in the glomeruli of the kidney in diabetic nephropathy.

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