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Diabetes In Pregnancy Study Group

Photo of Denice Feig

Program Leader: Dr. Denice Feig

This program brings together researchers and clinicians from across the city’s academic centres in order to foster collaboration in research in the area of Diabetes in Pregnancy. The group includes epidemiologists, trialists, health services researchers, translational and basic scientists from the endocrinology and obstetrics fields. The group meets every two months to present completed or ongoing research and to discuss controversial care issues in the area of Diabetes in Pregnancy. In order to take advantage of the large population of women seen by Mount Sinai Hospital, St. Michael’s Hospital and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, the group is working to develop a common database so that future research can utilize the city’s large patient population for collaborative research between sites.


Group Members

Denice Feig (Program Leader)
Howard Berger
Ian Blumer
Bianca Cot
Brian Cox
Jeremy Gilbert
Ilana Halperin
Catherine Kelly
Shoba Kumar
Lorraine Lipscombe
Julia Lowe
Geetha Mukerjee
Baiju Shah
Thomas Wolever
Maria Wolfs
Afshan Zahedi

Program Activities

In 2015, the BBDC provided close to $250,000 to support a three-year Diabetes in Pregnancy (DIP) sub-study led by Drs. Denice Feig (Mount Sinai Hospital), Lorraine Lipscombe (Women’s College Hospital) and Howard Berger (St. Michael’s Hospital). The sub-study is a collaboration with the Ontario Family Health Study (OFHS), which aims to create a platform for recruiting and following pregnant parents and their children from near conception through 5 years of age and beyond imbedded within Ontario’s routine healthcare system.  The sub-study’s goal is to create a sub-cohort of women with diabetes in pregnancy (DIP) within the OFHS.  To do this, the team will create a DIP module within the OFHS that will contain DIP-specific clinical data of women with DIP within the OFHS. To date, the team have accomplished the following:
1) Harmonization of data fields;
2) Research Ethics Board acceptance at St. Michael’s Hospital for DIP component of OFHS; and
3) Initiated the planning stage of the database with the Applied Health Research Centre of St. Michael’s Hospital and outlined the structure of the database.

The next steps are finalization of the database with the Applied Health Research Centre, hiring of research assistants and initiation of data collection at St. Michael’s Hospital, Research Ethics Board approval at Mount Sinai Hospital, and recruitment of the Sunnybrook  site into the OFHS.

2017/2018 Meeting Schedule

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