Applied Research Programs

Quality Education and Safety

Photo of Philip Segal

Program Leader: Dr. Phillip Segal

Continuing education and quality improvement are a process of lifelong learning and systematic improvement for health professionals to expand and fulfill their potential, retain their capacity to practice safely and effectively, and to meet the healthcare priorities of the population and broader health care systems.

This program fosters and develops continuing health education and quality improvement initiatives for all members of the diabetes team – physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists and other health care professionals with the aim of providing a tangible impact at the patient level.



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Group Members

Philip Segal (Program Leader)
Celia Fredericks
Julie Anne Gilmour
Ilana Halperin
Lori MacCallum

Geetha Mukerji
Monica Parry
Lori Sutton
Dana Whitham
Rene Wong

Program Activities

  • Diabetes Update 2017 was held on April 21, 2017 in Toronto.  This biennial continuing education event is targeted to health care providers in primary and specialty care who are involved in diabetes education and management. Hundreds of health care providers from across Ontario and beyond attend this event centrally themed around improving the quality of diabetes care.  Plenary talks, panel discussions and interactive workshops are used to highlight the patient experience in diabetes management strategies.

  • A Diabetes Environmental Scan is currently in progress. The objective of this project is to conduct an environmental scan of interventions, models of care and quality improvement initiatives that have been successfully implemented in Ontario. Overall we hope to use this work to identify gaps in diabetes care delivery and to help direct the Quality Education and Safety (QUEST) committee’s overall activities so as to maximize our clinical impact. The projected completion date is early 2017.

  • University of Toronto Diabetes Scorecard Project is currently underway to develop a set of patient-centered indicators and benchmarks which will define “Quality” diabetes care, and which incorporates the SixDomains of Healthcare Quality from the Institute of Medicine (IOM). This project is being led by investigators from the Division of Endocrinology at the University of Toronto and, while it is not directly under the BBDC banner, the QUEST committee has been collaborating with the principal investigators by providing administrative resources, support for grant applications, and subject matter expertise.