Guyana Diabetes and Footcare Project Wins Journal of Wound Care Award

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BBDC Receives Generous Support For Diabetes Knowledge Translation Program

June 20, 2013

The Banting & Best Diabetes Centre’s Knowledge Translation and Optimizing Care Models Program led by Dr. Lori MacCallum is off to great start thanks to a combined $550,000 gift from Merck Canada, Janssen, and Takeda Canada.

The mandate of the BBDC’s Knowledge Translation and Optimizing Care Models Program is to ensure that scientific knowledge of what we know constitutes best practice is implemented to improve the lives of people with diabetes. Our primary focus is to identify the care gaps that could best be addressed by pharmacists and find ways to help pharmacists improve outcomes for people with diabetes. There are approximately 35,000 pharmacists in Canada, most of whom work in a community setting. People with diabetes see community pharmacists more than any other health care provider. Approximately 85% of patients are on at least one medication and pharmacists are the most likely health care provider to identify non-adherence and provide counseling and advice on medication management.

In addition, the scope of practice of pharmacists is continuing to expand from the safe procurement of medications to patient-centred care so the timing is perfect. By developing programs that leverage and support pharmacists to provide care to people with diabetes, we can improve outcomes for these patients. This will be a multiphase approach and will include community engagement, program development, testing, dissemination and evaluation. We are currently working with a small number of pharmacies to develop and implement programs with the intention of wide-scale implementation in the future.

We would like to graciously acknowledge Merck Canada and Janssen for providing $250,000 each, as well as Takeda Canada for providing $50,000 in support of this program.

BBDC Annual Report July 2011 - June 2012

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Update on Activities of the BBDC Applied Research Programs

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New BBDC Staff Announcement - Chris Sargent, Administrative Assistant And Event Coordinator

November 21, 2012

We are pleased to announce that Chris Sargent has joined the Banting & Best Diabetes Centre team as our new administrative assistant and event coordinator as of November 19.

Chris is a U of T alumnus and most recently held the position of Cultural Services & Partnerships Assistant at the District of West Vancouver. Prior to this position, Chris worked as a Confidential Assistant for the District of West Vancouver where he provided administrative support to the Mayor and Council.

In his new role as BBDC administrative assistant and event coordinator, Chris is responsible for coordinating some of the Centre’s funding programs such as the Summer Studentship program, Archie Sopman Awards, and Diabetes Educator of the Year Award, and will organize the BBDC’s educational events. Chris can be reached at 416-978-3498 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Please join us in welcoming Chris to his new role.