Mission and Vision

Organizational Chart and Committees

Programs and Enabling Platforms


As Canada’s leading centre of excellence for innovation in diabetes research, education, and clinical care, we will tangibly impact diabetes prevention and outcomes in Canada and globally.


We bring together researchers across multiple University of Toronto affiliated disciplines to:

  • develop novel treatment paths to cure diabetes or prevent its complications
  • identify innovative ways to manage diabetes and improve the lives of those living with the condition

The BBDC was established in 1978 as an Extra-Departmental Unit of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto with the primary objective of advancing diabetes research, education, and patient care. We currently offer several studentships, fellowships, and other support for qualified individuals involved in diabetes research at the University of Toronto and its affiliated institutions. We also host educational events for researchers and diabetes health care professionals. The programs of the BBDC are mainly supported from the income on our endowment. We also receive generous contributions from industry and individuals which fund various research programs for students and fellows.