Trainee Advancement and Development Committee

(A subcommittee of the Training and Research Excellence Committee)

In an effort to provide an enhanced training environment for postdoctoral fellows, the BBDC has established a subcommittee of postdoctoral fellows which implements the scientific review of the Summer Studentships, Annual Trainee Awards, and Trainee Travel Awards funding programs. Members are fellows with diverse expertise and disciplines who are either BBDC or externally funded. The subcommittee is chaired and mentored by Dr. Tony Lam, Associate Director of Research and Chair of the Training and Research Excellence Committee. The members are:


Dr. Tony Lam

Committee Chair
Associate Director of Research, BBDC



Dr. Sri Batchu

Supervisors: Drs. Kim Connelly and Andrew Advani



Dr. Jacqueline Beaudry

Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Drucker



Dr. Helen Dranse

Supervisor: Dr. Tony Lam



Dr. Javier Jaldin-Fincati

Supervisor: Dr. Amira Klip



Dr. Haneesha Mohan

Supervisor: Dr. Michael Wheeler



Dr. Yoo Jin Park

Supervisor: Dr. Minna Woo



Dr. Xavier Revelo

Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Winer



Dr. Jillian Rourke

Supervisor: Dr. Robert Screaton


Dr. Priska Stahel

Supervisor: Dr. Gary Lewis