Funding Decisions

Trainee Travel Awards 2017/2018 - Period 1

For Travel Occurring Between July 1 And December 31, 2017


Competition Deadline Date: October 3, 2017.

The following individuals have been offered up to $1,000 to present a first author abstract at a diabetes related conference




Abstract Title

Al Rijjal, DanaDr. Michael WheelerIdentifying Putative Bioactive Molecules in Fish Oil Supplements
Alvares, DanielleDr. Khosrow AdeliNeuregulin 4 (Nrg4) regulation of Hepatic Lipid and Lipoprotein Metabolism in the Hamster Model
Clotet Freixas, Dr. SergiDr. Ana KonvalinkaProteomics and Systems Biology Analysis of Human Kidney Cells Revels a Link Between Androgen-Induced Alterations in Renal Cell Metabolism and Circulating Metabolite Levels in Chronic Kidney Disease
Keshavarzi, Dr. SarehDr. Andrew Paterson & Dr. Angelo CantyA Meta Genome-wide Association Study Identifies a Novel Locus for Cardiovascular Disease in Type 1 Diabetes
Rigobon, AlannaDr. Catherine YuImpact of the Diabetes Canada Guidelines Dissemination Strategy on the Prescription of Vascular Protective Medications in Canada
Roshandel, Dr. DelnazDr. Andrew PatersonA meta-genome-wide association study identifies multiple loci in the MHC region and a locus on chromosome 1 for serum C-peptide in type 1 diabetes
Semnani-Azad, ZhilaDr. Anthony HanleyDeterminants of Longitudinal Change in sCD163, a Biomarker of Adipose Tissue Macrophage Activation
Tait, ChristopherDr. Laura RosellaThe role of obesity in explaining the relationship between food security and incident type 2 diabetes: A population based study
Weisman, Dr. AlannaDr. Bruce PerkinsArtificial pancreas compared to insulin pump therapy to glucose control in type 1 diabetes: a systematic review and meta-analysis of outpatient randomized controlled trials
Yeung, Lucy Shu NgaDr. Adria Giacca & Dr. Jonathan RocheleauNOD1 Mediates Insulin Resistance in Response to Circulating Free Fatty Acid