Funding Decisions

Sun Life Financial Pilot And Feasibility Grants 2017/2018

Competition Deadline Date: November 8, 2016


The following have been offered funding:


Title of Research


Dr. Andrew Advani

Manipulating non-coding RNA to promote islet alpha cell transdifferentiation


Dr. Adria Giacca and
Dr. Xiao Yu (Shirley) Wu

Development of polymer-lipid nanoparticles for diabetes prevention


Dr. Amira Klip

How does injected insulin reach the circulation?


Dr. Tony Lam

Metformin and neurogenesis


Dr. Hoon-Ki Sung

Glucose regulatory function of adipose-derived protein, adipsin


Dr. Darren Yuen and
Dr. Michael Kolios

Avoiding a kidney biopsy: developing novel ultrasound techniques to non-invasively measure diabetic kidney fibrosis