Funding Decisions

Graduate Studentships 2017/2018

Banting & Best Diabetes Centre-Novo Nordisk Studentships
BBDC-University Health Network Graduate Awards
Tamarack Graduate Award in Diabetes Research
Yow Kam-Yuen Graduate Scholarship in Diabetes Research

Competition Deadline Date: April 4, 2017


BBDC-Novo Nordisk Studentships



Title of Research

Boroumand, Parastoo

Dr. Amira Klip and
Dr. Stephen Girardin

Nutritional influence on the development of bone marrow monocytes: implications for metabolic inflammation

Kowalchuk, Chantel

Dr. Margaret Hahn and
Dr. Gary Remington

Elucidating the mechanisms behind antipsychotic impairment on central insulin sensing

Martchenko, Alexandre

Dr. Patricia Brubaker

Role of the core clock gene Bmal1 in modulating circadian secretion of glucagon-like peptide-1

McGaugh, Emily

Dr. Maria Cristina Nostro

Elucidating the role of FGF signaling during the expansion of pancreatic progenitor cells

Nishi, Stephanie Kimiko

Dr. John Sievenpiper and
Dr. Richard Bazinet

Assessing the Effect of Nut Consumption on Adiposity: Is a Calorie a Calorie?

Regeenes, Romario

Dr. Jonathan Rocheleau

Quantifying OCR and ECAR levels in individual pancreatic islets using an optical sensor and microfluidic device

Semnani-Azad, Zhila

Dr. Anthony Hanley

Soluble CD163, a marker of adipose tissue macrophage activation, in the etiology of type 2 diabetes

Wang, Zhengnan

Dr. Anthony Hanley

Urinary vitamin D binding protein loss as a potential biomaker for nephropathy in patients at risk for type 2 diabetes


BBDC-University Health Network Graduate Awards



Title of Research

Bauer, Paige

Dr. Tony Lam

Dissecting the upper small intestinal microbiota-dependent mechanisms in the anti-diabetic action of metformin

Bui, Cindy

Dr. Jonathan Rocheleau

Investigating the role of NADPH production in glucolipotoxicity-induced pancreatic β cell failure

Pang, Hilary Yan-Ming

Dr. Minna Woo

Elucidating molecular mechanisms of hepatocyte autophagy in the pathogenesis of diabetes mellitus


The Tamarack Graduate Award and Yow Kam-Yuen Graduate Scholarship will not be awarded this year.